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Seaweed Body Wrap

A relaxing body treatment utilizing the healing powers of the sea. A blend of seaweeds harvested from the North Coast of Brittany, France rich in trace elements, marine proteins, vitamins and minerals to re-mineralize and vitalize the skin and body.

Since the beginning of time, the therapeutic value of the sea has been recognized. The Sea has been referred to as the “soup of life” Sea water contains each of the nutrients found in blood plasma…and almost in the same proportions. Seaweed has 10,000 times the concentration of these nutrients. As a result when seaweed is applied to the body it helps restore biochemical balance. It increases circulation bringing oxygen to nourish the cells.

In 1904 a French Biologist Rene Quinton confirmed that human blood plasma and sea water are almost identical in minerals and trace elements, therefore demonstrating there compatibility.

Externally – increase circulation, add even skin tone, stimulate lymphatic system (the bodies waste system), eliminate trapped toxins and speeds up metabolism.

Internally – contains nutrients, minerals, trace elements and amino acids essential to the human body. Acts as a natural bowel cleanser and blood purifier while strengthening the immune system. Taking a balanced food such as Endo-met kelp, rather than a single mineral product, appears to be much safer for long-term use, which most people need.

Balance: Essential nutrients are in perfect proportion for the human body. Allows for ease of assimilation into the bloodstream. All single-mineral products can interfere with the absorption of other minerals. Minerals all compete for absorption to some degree.

Metabolism: Natural iodine helps speed metabolism aiding weight loss. Bio-available iodine. This is Laminaria Seaweed best known advantage. It provides plenty of iodine, a mineral that most people need more of today due to the presence everywhere of iodine antagonists – bromine, chlorine and fluorides. These interfere with our iodine uptake and utilization, causing widespread thyroid problems and many other health problems, as well.

Immunity: Iodine stimulates thyroxin to regulate thymus, the master gland of immunity.

Detoxification: Help to remove toxic heavy metals including mercury and copper as well as other harmful waste from the intestines and bloodstream. So far, women seem to need it more than men, for some unknown reason. Perhaps it is because women are higher in copper, so they benefit more than men.

Keyano Aromatics uses food grade plants from Brittany France exclusively. Only healthy living plants that dwell along the rocky seafloor of the continental shelf

Do not perform service on clients that are allergic to shellfish due to the iodine


Items needed for treatment: Body brush, Blanket, Sheet, Keyano Aromatics thermal wrap, Algae powder, Serenity Massage Oil.

Step 1: Prepare the table with a blanket and sheet and lay plastic thermal wrap on the top.

Step 2: Prepare Algae Mask with ¾ cup of Algae Powder & 2 oz. Serenity Massage Oil and warm water. Mix into a smooth paste.

Step 3: Escort client to treatment table and have them lay face up.

Step 4: Prepare the skin for treatment using the body brushing technique, always in the direction of the heart. The abdomen area is brushed in a clockwise circular motion. Flip customer and body brush back side of body.

Step 5: Apply warm Algae Mask to the back side of the body. Do not apply to the bottom of the feet in case client has to leave the table. Only use one hand for application and apply as quickly as possible so client will not become cold.

Step 6: Turn client on back and finish applying to the front of the body.

Step 7: Wrap client in plastic wrap & cover with sheet and blanket. Keep client as warm as possible.

Step 8: Time for 20 minutes. Perform a relaxing scalp massage while client is resting.

Step 9: Unwrap plastic & begin removing mask with heated towels or diapers. If using a vichy shower, rinse or escort client to shower. (Do not use soap)

Step 10: Have client rest and drink plenty of water.

Recommended Home Care: Keyano Aromatics Body Brush, Elements Spray, Hand & Body lotion or Body Butter, Shower Gel, Aromatic Mist & Candle of choice.