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Proteolytic Enzyme Peel

There are many types of peels available to the esthetician that function to remove the top layers of skin leaving a younger smoother skin with more uniform pigmentation and improved texture.  The Proteolytic Enzyme Peel is one of the mildest forms of peels for the simple reason that the enzymes work specifically on dead skin cells as opposed to acid and plant enzyme peels that attack live cells as well.

What are enzymes?  Enzymes are catalysts of chemical reactions that accelerate chemical reactions.  Each enzyme is specific to the medium that it acts upon.  Protelytic enzymes act on protein or keratinized dead skin cells which the top layer of the skin or stratum corneum is composed of.  Each enzyme has a specific pH range that facilitates their activity.   Proteolytic enzymes are activated at a pH of 8.5 which is alkaline.  The activity of the enzyme requires a moist warm environment for maximum performance.

More specifically there are three enzymes that comprise the formula.            Protease – decomposes protein or keratinized dead skin cells.

Lipase – works on lipids or the sebaceous cores of comedones.

Amylase – works on starches and reduces inflammation.

Colloidal oats are used as a base of the formula providing protein and anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin type and expected results:

Oily and acneic skin – Proteolytic enzymes are very effective in hydrolyzing the horny cells on the inner surface of the follicle as well as the sebaceous core of comedones.

Dry skin – Proteolytic enzymes remove accumulated dead skin cells improving texture and tone leaving the skin soft and smooth.  The skin will better accept creams and lotions as well as their active ingredients.  Makeup application will look flawless and not caked on the face.

PROCEDURE: 60 TO 75 minutes

Items needed for treatment:  Makeup Remover, Lavender or Lemon Milk Cleanser, Marine Plasma, Elements Massage Gel, Proteolytic Enzyme Peel, Eterna Bella, Peptide, Enriched or Balancing Cream, Ultra Lift eye Serum & Sun Defense

Step 1:               Prepare facial chair with blanket, sheets & pillow.  Remove eye makeup & lipstick with Makeup Remover.  Choose appropriate cleansing milk, apply to dry face and neck.  Massage and rinse.  Tone with Marine Plasma to remove any residue with a cotton pad.

Step 2:             Mixing instructions: Blend 1 tablespoon of enzyme with warm water to a thin pancake batter consistency.  Let sit 5 minutes and then apply a thick layer to the face and neck with a taklon brush avoiding the eye area.   Must be kept warm and moist with light steam.  Leave on up to 5 minutes under light steam and then remove with a warm cloth.  Make sure to remove all residue as enzyme peel will continue to exfoliate.

Step 3:             Steam skin for additional 5 minutes.  Give scalp massage.

Step 4:             Begin massage using Elements Massage Gel.

Step 5:             Remove excess oil.  Tone with Marine Plasma and wipe with cotton pad.

Step 6:             Extract, if necessary.  Tone with Marine Plasma & wipe with cotton pad.

                        Apply mask either bergamot or moisture mask leave on for 5 minutes and remove.  Tone with Marine Plasma.

Step 7:               Finish with appropriate day moisturizer, Sun defense, Eye Contour Gel or Ultra Lift Eye Serum

Recommended Home Care: Appropriate skin care regimen for a.m. and p.m.

     Lavender or Lemon Milk Cleanser, Marine Plasma, Eterna Bella, Eye Contour Gel or Ultra Lift Eye Serum appropriate day & Night Renewal Cream, Sun Defense.