WellvilleSpa Long Haulers Program

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WellvilleSpa Long Haulers Program

A Natural therapeutic Approach

This is a comprehensive program using the Keto Fit 16/8 nutritional guidelines with the addition of targeted supplements to reduce inflammation, rebuild damaged mitochondria, support replacement of damaged tissue, remove viral debris and to increase energy levels.

To reduce inflammation and enhance Tissue Repair:
Keyano Aromatics Elements MSM
Keyano Aromatics Elements Spray
WellvilleSpa Ultra Omega – 3
WellvilleSpa Mega D3 & K2
WellvilleSpa CurcuCare
WellvilleSpa Metabolic Formula

Mitochondrial Biogenesis and energy production
WellvilleSpa PQQ N·R·G Boost™
WellvilleSpa Fatigue Fuel™

Removal of scar tissue, blood clots, mucus, pain
WellvilleSpa FibrinoZyme™

FibrinoZyme dissolves non-living tissue, mucus, blood clots, cysts, arterial plaque, and inflammation. The uses are wide-ranging and cover just about every condition that is affected by inflammation and or non-living tissue.  By clearing away this problem tissue, it enables the body’s own healing system to replace it with healthy tissue and better lung function as a result.

Repair damaged microbiome
WellvilleSpa Biome ReBoot (repair leaky gut, reboot damaged microbiome)

Autonomic Nervous System balance
Adapt  (reduce sympathetic dominance)    Fight or Flight

WellvilleSpa Keto Fit 16/8 Nutritional Program
A comprehensive nutritional program designed to enhance metabolic flexibility and support the body’s natural healing ability.