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Energy Metabolism Protocol

The objective of this protocol is to increase energy levels by improving iron metabolism.  Excess dysregulated unbound iron produces oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body and is one of the primary contributors to cardiovascular disease, strokes, degenerative brain diseases, and cancer. By increasing bioavailable copper, retinol, and magnesium and reducing excess toxic unbound iron via blood donation we can reduce oxidative stress that is the root cause of most degenerative diseases. 

What we have witnessed throughout our latest plandemic is the failure of the innate immune systems’ ability to protect against the virus due to the excess unbound iron accumulation in tissues of our elderly population.  Viruses and bacteria feed off the unbound iron causing a massive viral load.  As the virus dies off an autoimmune-driven cytokine storm ensues overwhelming the host and damaging tissues and organs throughout the body.  Chronic fatigue following the virus is a result of iron dysregulation and can be remedied by restoring crucial minerals including copper, magnesium, and retinol.

Conditions improved with Energy Metabolism Protocol

Reduced Muscle TensionReduced Neck & Back PainEases PMS SymptomsReduced Muscle Soreness
Increases Energy Improves MoodRelieves CrampsReduces Numbness
Helps InsomniaLow LibidoReduced Muscle AtrophyReduces High Blood Pressure
Reduces InflammationHeadaches/MigrainesReduced SpasmsArthritis
Reduce oxidative StressOsteoporosisLiver DiseaseMetabolic Syndrome
Anti-cholesterolAsthmaDepression Diabetes
FibromyalgiaHeart Disease/Arteriosclerosis Muscle twitching or ticsRaynaud’s syndrome
Restless Leg syndromeTremorsHigh cholesterolTendonitis
Carpal TunnelTMJPlantar FascitisBursitis
Knee, Elbow, Wrist, Hip PainAdrenal Function ProblemsBlood Sugar dysregulationChronic Fatigue
Reduces Anxiety & Panic Attacks Reduce appearance of age spots (body)Detox Toxins, Heavy Metals


Product RecommendationProduct FeaturesDosing
Elements SprayA transdermal magnesium spray that allows increased absorption through the skin.  Great on sore muscles, joints and cramps.20 – 30 sprays over a large body surface area
Magnesium BisglycinateSupport healthy magnesium status to support sleep, positive mood, and relaxation.  Magnesium is responsible for 3751 essential enzyme functions and over 300 metabolic functions in the body.  If you suffer from fatigue, you can be assured that you are magnesium deficient.Capsules: 1 capsule with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   5 mg per pound of body weight   200 mg per capsule  
CLO (Cod Liver Oil)A great source of real vitamin A (as retinol) is crucial for the synthesis of bioavailable copper.  Retinol loads copper into ceruloplasmin a protein responsible for the regulation of iron throughout the body.900mcg / 3000 IU vitamin A with your first meal
Copper GlycinateCopper is responsible for creating energy via cytochrome c oxidase.  Bioavailable copper helps minimize oxidative stress and reduces magnesium loss.  As a key mineral component of ceruloplasmin, it is critical for proper iron metabolism.Capsule: 2 mg with food
Mega D3 & K2Vitamin D supplementation should be implemented in a staggered fashion due to the overpowering residence of the VDR receptors that retinol shares.  If you continue to supplement Vitamin D every day it will impair the ability of the body to absorb retinol.Capsule: 1 per day with food 7 days on and 7 days off
Whole Food Vitamin CAscorbic acid found in most vitamin C supplements allows iron to become unbound by damaging copper enzymes and building up in the body’s tissues where it does not belong.  Whole food vitamin C is instrumental in iron management.Capsule: 1 with lunch and 1 with dinner
Adrenal CocktailChronic stress and nutritional deficiencies can impair adrenal function causing increased cortisol levels depleting potassium levels resulting in feelings of fatigue.  Drink between meals½ fresh lemon juice 4 oz. spring water ¼ tsp Cream of Tartar ¼ tsp Halo Salt (elevated bold pressure skip Halo salt)
AdaptAshwagandha helps modulate hormone balances, including thyroid hormone, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.  It reduces cortisol levels, lowers blood sugar levels, restores insulin sensitivity, helps to reduce anxiety, stabilizes mood, and improves sleep. Capsule: 1 in the evening
CurcuCareCurcumin strikingly modulates proteins of iron metabolism in cells and in tissues, suggesting that curcumin has properties of an iron chelator. Curcumin is a powerful alternative candidate for the control of liver damage linked to intracellular iron overload.Capsule: 2 20 minutes prior to lunch or dinner

Eliminate zinc, calcium, and iron supplements.

  • Optimize your diet — Avoid foods that tax your immune systems, such as trans fats, seed oils, high fructose corn syrup, fried foods, processed foods, sugars, GMOs, and grains. Seek to reduce your net carbohydrate (sugar, grains, fructose) and protein intake, replacing them with high-quality healthy fats.  Add 4 oz. of grass-fed beef liver (a great source of copper and minerals) to your diet per week.
  • Donate blood 3 to 4 times per year – For men and post-menopausal women, donating blood every 3 months will relieve the burden of excess unbound iron.  Be sure to donate whole blood, not plasma, platelets, or power red.  Every time you donate blood you eliminate 250 mg of iron.  Donating blood improves liver function, and reduces, heart attack, stroke, cholesterol, and cancer risks.
  • Balance your gut flora — One of the best ways to support your gut is by incorporating Colavocado Yogurt, Biome ReBoot, and naturally fermented foods into your diet.
  • Exercise regularly — Exercise improves the circulation of immune cells in your blood, creating a more efficient system for locating and eliminating pathogens in your body. Make sure your fitness plan incorporates weight training, high-intensity exercises, stretching, and core work.
  • Get plenty of restorative sleep — Research shows sleep deprivation has the same effect on your immune system as physical stress or disease, which is why you may feel ill after a sleepless night.
  • Reduce Stress — High levels of stress hormones can diminish your immunity and crash magnesium levels so be sure you’re implementing some sort of stress management. 

Energy Metabolism Intro

1 – 12 oz. Elements Spray
1 – Magnesium Bisglycinate (60)
1 – Adapt (60)
1 – Mega D3 & K2 MK-7
1 – Cod Liver Oil  (100 Soft Gels)
1 – Copper Glycinate
1 – Whole Food Vitamin C 500mg  (60)
1 – CurcuCare (60)

References: Cure: Your Fatigue  Morley Robbins 2021

Disclaimer: The information on this protocol is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.