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Elements Massage Protocol

Relaxes the body, calms the mind – Dr. Bill Comiskey ND

The Naturopathic approach to pain management utilizes trace minerals such as magnesium chloride, MSM and bicarbonate in combination through Transdermal and dietary supplementation to produce not only economical but profound life changing results without side effects.  For those of us who have suffered with chronic pain for many years, waking up one day pain free feels like a miracle and for sports teams this could be a game changer.

Trace minerals (magnesium, MSM, potassium and other trace elements) are responsible for over 300 different chemical reactions in the human body including energy, relaxation and blood pressure.  Unfortunately, in most of the developed world, trace mineral deficiencies are all too common causing a host of health issues. Transdermal application of Elements trace minerals is one of the best methods of administering actives quickly and effectively.  This method delivers the trace minerals through the skin into the bloodstream.  It is applied to the skin’s surface and then diffuses out of its carrier (water) into the stratum corneum. Through massage the blood is brought closer to the surface of the skin allowing faster absorption of trace minerals.  At this point, it can be metabolized and bound to receptors to exert its effect.  Trace minerals help to maintain normal muscle and nerve function keep heart rhythm steady and is important for bone, hair, skin and nail health.  Use of Keyano’s Elements – Transdermal Trace Mineral Spray enables the body to chelate and release toxic minerals including aluminum, lead, cadmium and mercury among others.  For optimal results, we suggest applying it to your back, forearms, underarms, abdomen or anywhere there is relatively “thin” skin. 

Professional Massage Treatment Protocol

Begin by holding Elements Spray bottle in one hand and spray 2 to 3 sprays in your other hand and apply to the skin.  Do not spray directly on client’s back as it would be cold.  Continue until you have applied  12 pumps of spray to the shoulders & back, massage into the skin until absorbed.   Apply 6 sprays on each leg using the same method. Follow with Elements Massage Gel and complete massage service.  Massage creams generally do not work well with Elements.  Areas sprayed with Elements Transdermal Spray will require less massage gel. Twenty (20) sprays contain approximately1500mg of Magnesium + MSM and Trace Minerals.  Skin may tingle when Elements is first applied.  Give client balance of 12 oz. bottle of Elements Transdermal Spray for home use. 

Service suggestion, 75 minute massage, average price $100.00 – 150.00 including 12 oz. Elements Spray take home product.