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Just Breathe – A natural protocol to halt progression and improve symptoms of Parkinson’s, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia

Dr. Bill Comiskey ND Over six million people suffer from Parkinson’s Disease worldwide.  Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder which is characterized by motor symptoms including tremor, rigidity, slowness of movement, constipation and balance problems.  Non motor symptoms include loss of sense of smell, anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and sleep problems.  Although drugs such as Levodopa […]

Just Breathe – A natural protocol to reduce anxiety, stress and increase focus.

Dr. Bill Comiskey ND Anxiety, stress and depression are sure tail signs of dysautonomia (dysfunctional autonomic nervous system) brought on by malnutrition via overuse of processed foods and excess carbohydrates.  Excess carbohydrates require thiamine b1 to process excess glucose resulting in deficiency of thiamine (beriberi).  Thiamine deficiency combined with low magnesium levels and shallow breathing […]

Wellvillespa Keto-Fit 16-8 Program

Weight Loss, Detoxification, Immune Support & Brain Power Program The WellvilleSpa Keto-Fit 16/8 Program is designed to provide optimal nutrition, weight loss, and elimination of toxic chemicals and heavy metals while improving immune function and cognitive performance.  A metabolic approach to nutrition when combined with a balanced microbiome, infrared sauna therapy, and intermittent fasting is […]


Commentary by Dr. Bill Comiskey ND Halo is Greek word for salt. Oxidative refers to the use of pro-oxidant hydrogen peroxide and antioxidant Super C Complex with Elderberry.  This combination results in a therapy that provides profound overall wellness results for common health conditions such as common colds, sinusitis, skin conditions such as acne from […]

Energy Metabolism Protocol

The objective of this protocol is to increase energy levels by improving iron metabolism.  Excess dysregulated unbound iron produces oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body and is one of the primary contributors to cardiovascular disease, strokes, degenerative brain diseases, and cancer. By increasing bioavailable copper, retinol, and magnesium and reducing excess toxic unbound iron […]

Colavocado Yogurt

Beautiful skin, Deeper sleep, smaller waist, enhanced immune system, eliminate depression and anxiety, eliminate SIBO, Increased libido, improved brain processing speed and more Colavocado Anti-Aging Yogurt is a system for cultivating a new gut and skin ecosystem. It’s more than just a probiotic. Regular probiotics can create a monoculture in the human biome, which thrives […]