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Body Contour Procedure

Body Contour Treatment

Permanent inch loss & Cellulite reduction

The cause of cellulite is a breakdown in the support structure of connective tissue and fat cells. The collagen and elastin fibers harden causing fat cells to swell losing their symmetry and trapping toxic fluids within the adipose tissue.  The result, unsightly bumps on the surface of the skin.  Cellulite has a variety of causes:

Poor Circulation, Lack of Oxygen, Poor Diet, Water Retention,                       
Hormonal Changes, Menstrual Cycle or Poor Lymph Drainage.

Body Contour Cream is a detoxifying cream designed to help contour the body by reducing the appearance of fatty deposits, excess water accumulation, and elimination of toxins while increasing micro circulation to cellulite prone areas.

How does the Contour Treatment work?

Excess weight is due to the storage of nutrients not directly used up by the body: an excess intake of energy (lipids, sugars, protein) is metabolized into triglycerides and stored as fat.  80% of women, whether they are obese or not wish to reduce the layer of fat located beneath the dermal layer in areas of the thighs, hips and buttocks.

The first phase of our formula utilizes bioflavanoids, L-Carnitine and caffeine which activates lipolysis (fat burning) allowing the uptake and destruction of free fatty acids to increase.  This process induces a one way free fatty acid pump effect where the fat cells are burned in the mitochondria of the cell via oxydative degradation, promoting elimination.

The second phase utilizes niacin, cantella asiatica, and cassia which has a lypolytic and defatting action due to improvement of the cutaneous microcirculation and reduction of hypertrophy of the adipose deposits.  This phase heats the fatty tissues softening them allowing the trapped toxins to then be evacuated through the kidneys via the lymphatic and circulatory system.

Body Contour Treatment Benefits

Increase Circulation; Stimulate the Lymphatic System; Nourish Skin;                 
Increase Firmness & Elasticity, Remove toxins from tissues, Lose Inches.


1 Hour & 15 Minutes

A Program That Requires 4 Treatments- One per Week

Items for Treatment: 2 oz.Contour Cream, 1 Roll Contour Plastic Wrap, Body Brush, Surgical Scissors, Measuring Tape, Eye or Lip Pencil

Step 1:          Assist client to treatment room and have them disrobe. 

                     Have disposable bikini top and bottoms available.

Step 2:          (Optional) Take measurements of waist, abdomen, rib cage, hip, upper thigh, mid thigh, above the knee, ankle, below the knee calf and upper arms.  Place a small mark at each measurement point with a lip pencil.  Indicate how many inches each measuring point is from the floor so future wraps will have consistent measure points.

                     Take at measurement following the treatment in same location.

                     Record on measurement chart.

Step 3:          Begin dry brushing at the soles of the feet, lower legs, thighs, buttocks, arms and back working upward towards the direction of the heart.

Step 4:          Client should be standing during this procedure.  Be careful to use light pressure.

Step 5:          Apply Contour Cream with your hands starting at the ankle and working upwards towards the heart.  Spend additional time massaging into affected cellulite areas.  Apply to the center of the chest (approximately a 3 inch circle) of Contour Cream.  The skin will gradually turn red due to the niacin in the product.  This is a normal reaction, as you will see a significant increase in circulation. Do not apply to bottom of feet.

Step 6:          Wrap client with plastic contour wrap. 

  1. Wrap mid section loose 3 times
  2. Continue to wrap moving down until you are 3 inches below the crotch line.  Tear wrap in crotch front and back.
  3. Wrap over the hips 3 times and then bring wrap down through the front of the legs and up over the hips lifting the fanny from the front under and up to the rear.
  4. Wrap the legs snug but not tight enough to inhibit circulation working down the leg 3 times around and then 3 times around on the way up.
  5. Wrap the waist and rib cage 3 times.  Bring wrap up over shoulders in a crisscross direction.
  6. Wrap upper arms three times snug but not tight.  I wrap rolls at ends; snap the roll so circulation is not impeded.

After client is completely wrapped assist them to a massage table or facial lounge.  Let rest for 60 minutes.  While client is resting, a foot or scalp massage should be performed.  This is a great opportunity to perform a facial increasing your revenue by combining services.

Step 7:          Remove contour plastic wrap with surgical scissors.  Massage in any Contour Cream that remains on the body.

Step 8:          If client request to be cleaned, use a warm wash cloth and gently wash the areas requested.  It is recommended not to wash for 8 hours, as the cream will continue to contour.

                     Client should drink plenty of water following treatment.

Recommended Home Care: To enhance the results, client should body brush every day and use Body Contour Cream on cellulite areas everyday.  Body Brush and Contour Cream.  Body Contour Cream is a great local treatment for arthritis in the joints.

Active Ingredients:

Alginate: seaweed extract increases elasticity of the skin, improves circulation.

Methyl Nicotinate: facilitates the release of trapped fluids in adipose tissue. Opens the blood vessels and capillaries near the surface of the skin.

Cantella Asiatica: Lipolytic activity and de-fatting action due to improvement of the cutaneous microcirculation and the reduction of the hypertrophy of the adipose deposits.  Draining action due to the anti-stagnation effect on bound water and linked to regulation of blood flow.

Bioflavonoids: increases capillary permeability.

Vitamin A: activates fatty acids

Caffeine: acts as a lipolysis-promoting agent by inhibiting phosphodiesterase.

L Carnitine: breaks fat down and transports fatty acids to the mitochondrial membrane, the mitochondrial membrane burns fat as energy and reduces hypodermis thickness

Contraindications: Do not perform wrap on pregnant or lactating women or clients with high blood pressure.

Scientific Studies:

The study was conducted on 25 healthy volunteers (female age 29 to 41 years.) in vivo at a hospital in France.  The study demonstrated a 7.3% reduction in lipid levels and a 5.6% decrease in subcutaneous trapped water levels.  This study did not take into account the function of the niacin and essential oils.